About Commodities Trading

A risk management tool.

The current business environment is full of risk. Some we can see, and others we can’t. As a producer you need to use every tool at your disposal to reduce the price risk to your business. Commodity trading is an integral part of your agricultural marketing and risk management toolkit.

When trading commodities, each day you’ll know exactly where you stand. Do you really know the financial status of your local elevator, ethanol plant, feed plant or feedlot? In one day you can liquidate your positions and have your money deposited back into your account. Can you do that with a cash sale to your local elevator or ethanol plant?

Use the futures and options to hedge your grain and improve your marketing for the coming year. Don’t get locked into a single market. Go where you want, when you want, by hedging.

Hedge Program

Colgan Commodities specializes in working with agricultural producers to reduce your price risk and hedge markets with commodities trading. I can customize a hedge program, encompassing both futures and options, to meet your individual needs.

Additionally, all Colgan Commodities clients will receive the Colgan AudioCast—a daily periodic voicemail sent to your phone with brief market updates, insight, and commentary.

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